Identifying and Removing Black Magic that Destroys You

Nearly 30 percent of the global population is possessed by black magic and involves some ghosts. Getting possessed by negativity reduces the insidious capacity of a person to function adequately. There is loss of interest in positive activities and spiritual practices. Treatment measures should be done at the earliest to get rid of such infestation. The symptoms of various kinds of illnesses are manifested when a ghost afflicts a person. However, the difference is that these symptoms do not go away with conventional medical treatment.

Black Magic Symptoms

The five sense organs have certain symptoms: For example

  1. There may be bad taste in mouth.
  2. Eyes may be feeling pulled inside.
  3. Dryness may occur in the lips, throat occurs at an abnormal level.
  4. A sticky layer or coating on the skin can be seen. This is due to The Rajo-
  5. Tamo nature of the ghosts.
  6. Rashes and pinpricking on the skin.

Other symptoms:

  • A person may feel loss of appetite or feel nauseated to look at food. Thus, ends up losing weight as day’s progress. Sometimes, there may be increased appetite in the person as the ghosts are able to digest a lot through their Vayu-tatva.
  • However, even on voracious eating, a person may still not be able to gain any weight. On the contrary, there is continuous loss of weight. Black magic is characterized by abnormal hunger patterns.
  • There may be marks on the skin that get deeper and deeper with no apparent physical reasons.
  • You may get the feeling of strangulation.
  • You may have feelings of strangulation to persons near you without any reason (especially towards satvik persons). It is the negativity of the ghost affecting you.
  • Affect on the Pranic or Vital Energy

Affliction by a black magic also affects the vital energy of a person. An evil spirit working to induce black magic initially uses 5 percent of your energy to frighten you by showing you horrific signs like skulls and bad dreams to make the mind shaky and unstable. The higher the affliction, the higher the energy required to counter the ghost. It can start with, you lose 5 percent of your energy. If the problem remains untreated, it can go on increasing and the person may continue to lose energy. When the lost energy reaches the 40 percent mark, a person can lose a life. A person possessed by a ghost is not able to concentrate or meditate. The ego level of the person rises too much. Faith in god gets finished.

Self Help and Preventive Measures :

To get rid of some evil tendencies that get induced due to black magic, one should try to do some spiritual practices.

These include three basic practices:

  • Chanting: Chanting the mantra ‘Om Namah Shivay’ or Om Rudray Namah is very helpful. At least one rosary of 108 beads should be completed at three times in a day. Keeping oneself clean and hygienic is very important, especially before chanting. ‘Japam’ should be done after lighting an incense stick and applying of ‘vibhuti’ should be done.
  • Making gyan mudra or chin mudra during the day is very helpful.
  • Nyasa: In this, one tries to imbibe the holy energy and personality of a deity or the ‘shudh atman’ (true inner self-brahm). Directing the energy to the ‘swadishthana’ and the ‘agya’ chakra is done in the process.

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